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National Association of Auction Houses

National Association of Auction Houses

A.N.C.A., The National Association of Italian auction houses was established in January 30, 1995. 

A.N.C.A. is a member of the Italian Confederation of Commerce and the Federation of the auction houses of the European Community (European Federation of Auctioneers) based in Bruxelles, that collects the representatives of the European Countries Auction Houses.

The aims of the Association, apolitical and non-profit, are to protect the image and development of the category, to develop closer ties of cooperation between members, to harmonize and adapt them to the international situation, of settle their disputes out of court settlements and giving priority to be an authoritative interlocutor against the authorities, especially regarding the exportation and taxation, today strongly penalized for the category. During its years of existence, the Association has developed an intense activity, both in Italy and in the headquarters of the European Union, addressing major issues related to the category, such as, for example, the thorny issue of notification by the State or the "Droit de Suite". Furthermore, it was precious to the internal rules of the various auction houses, all invited to activity transparent and fair so as to give buyers all the guarantees necessary to a purchase.


The partners are committed to ensuring reliability, competence and transparency both those who believe their works of art and to those who buys them.

At the time of the acquisition of works of art to be included in the auction members are committed to make all the research and studies necessary for a proper understanding and appreciation of these works.

Members undertake to communicate to principals with the utmost clarity the conditions of sale, in particular the total amount of all fees and expenses that may suffer.

Members undertake to treat with the utmost precision trade catalogs, adding to the items in this catalog with complete descriptions and for lots more important, with clear reproductions. Members undertake to publish their own conditions of sale of all catalogs.

Members undertake to communicate to prospective buyers all the information needed to better judge and assess their possible purchase and undertake to provide any assistance possible after purchase. The members shall, at the request of the purchaser, a certificate of photography of the purchased lots. Members agree that the data contained in the invoice correspond exactly to what is stated in the catalog of sale, except to correct any typos or errors in the catalog. Members agree to make public the lists of sales.

The partners are committed to working with public institutions for the preservation of Italian cultural heritage, the protection of works of art theft and forgery.

Members are committed to fair competition in compliance with the law and professional ethics. Will be considered unworthy to be part of the Association member who deliberately spread slander on the work of colleagues. Each member, while working in their own interest and in accordance with its methods of work is committed to safeguarding the general interests of the class and to defend the honor and respectability.

The violation of the provisions of this Regulation will bring to members the application of penalties laid down in Article. 20 of the Statute ANCA.

Auction Houses

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  • Corso Italia, 6 - 50123 FirenzeT. +39 055 295089 | F. +39 055 295139
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  • Castello MackenzieMura di San Bartolomeo 16 - 16122 GenovaT. +39 010 8395029 | F. +39 010
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  • Via Caio Duilio 4d/10 - 80125 Napoli T. +39 081 2395261 | F. +39 081 5935042
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  • Bolaffi

    ASTE BOLAFFI Via Cavour 17/F - 10123 Torino T. +39 011 5576300 | F. +39 011 5620456
  • Capitolium Art

    Via Carlo Cattaneo 55 - 25121 BresciaT. +39 030 2072256 F. +39 030
  • Loc. Centignano snc 01039 Vignanello VTT. +39 0761 755675 | F. +39 0761
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  • Viale della Repubblica (area Museo Pecci)59100 PratoT. +39 0574 572400 | F. +39 0574 574132
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  • Fisedarte Italia S.r.l.

    Via Padre Giuliani 7 (angolo via Einaudi) 30174 Mestre VE T. +39 041 950354 | F. +39 041 950539
  • Borgo Pietro Wuhrer 125 - 25123 Brescia T. +39 030 2425709 | F. +39 030 2475196 -
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  • Via G. Puccini, 3 - 20121 MilanoT. +39 02 40042385 | F. +39 02 36748551
    Read more
  • Palazzo Meeting Art Corso Adda 7 - 13100 Vercelli T. +39 0161 2291 | F. +39 0161 229327-8
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  • Corso Tassoni 56 - 10144 Torino T. +39 011 4377770 | F. +39 011 4377577
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  • Porro & C. Art Consulting

    Via Olona, 2 - 20123 Milano T. +39 02 72094708 | F. +39 02 862440
  • Poleschi casa d'arte

    Via Sant'Agnese, 18 - 20123 Milano T. +39 02 89459708 | F. +39 02 86913367
  • Borgo degli Albizi 26 - 50122 Firenze T. +39 055 2340888-9 | F. +39 055 244343
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