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To put up for auction, the works have to be framed. For works without frame, Meeting Art will provide with one charged to the Seller. Whoever wants let his items evaluated or included in the auctions, has to contact our offices. The items can be paintings, sculptures, modern and vintage drawings, chinaware, silverware, jewellery and watches, old furniture, rugs and other antique and collectible items. Our team of critics and experts is at anyone disposal to study and evaluate works of art and any item that can be collected or that can have an historical value. It will give us a great pleasure to arrange with you the details.

If a reserve price is agreed, Meeting Art will ask the Seller to fill a seller mandate form. In case of selling, is given to Meeting Art a commission in % on the Hammer Price as agreed.

Anyway the costs of assurance and delivery are charged to the Seller. Regardless of the result of the auction, an amount of 1% on the reserve price ( with a minimum of 10 € ) will be paid by the Seller for the Theft and Fire Insurance.

The following translation is for courtesy purposes only. For any inconsistency, the Italian version shall prevail.

1. The lots are sold in premises open to the public by Meeting Art which acts as Agent, on an exclusive basis, on behalf of each Seller, whose names are registered in special books held at Meeting Art. The Sale shall have direct effects upon the Seller and Meeting Art shall not be liable towards the Buyer or any third party except in respect of responsibilities deriving from its role as agent.


2. The lots are knocked down to the highest bidder and for cash. If any dispute arises between two or more bidders, the auctioneers, at their sole discretion, can decide to offer again and resold the lot. Meeting Art will not accept any kind of transfer of the lots sold to third parties, and only the Buyer will be considered liable for the payment. The participation at the auction in the name of and on behalf of third party is subject to the prior deposit, at Meeting Art premises, of a legal power of attorney and of satisfactory bank reference.


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3. Meeting Art reserves the right to withdraw any lot from the auction. During the auction, the Auctioneer is entitled to join or separate any two or more lots and to change the order of the sale. The Auctioneer, at his/her sole discretion, can also withdraw lots if the bids do not reach the reserve price, as agreed between Meeting Art and the Seller.


4. In addition to the hammer price the buyer shall pay, for each lot, a premium of 23% on the hammer price. Meeting Art will apply the Margin Scheme (for more information regarding the margin scheme and these charges, please see Commission, Premium, VAT and charges in this site).


5. Before the auction each prospective Buyer must complete and sign a registration form including personal data and bank references, in order to bid through an assigned number. If the registration form is not completed and signed, any eventual sale will not be valid.


6. Meeting Art is entitled to accept written or telephone bids on behalf of clients that do not attend the auction, making bids through the auctioneer in competition with the other bidders attending the Sale.


7. If identical written bids are received from two or more parties for the same lot, the first bid received by Meeting Art shall take precedence. Meeting Art reserves the right to refuse bids from unidentified Buyers unless, a deposit covering the entire value of the lots desired, is paid. If the payment is not immediate and in cash, the Buyer has to supply a permanent address and verifiable bank details. If the data are not complete, accurate or sufficient, Meeting Art reserves the right to cancel the sale of the lot.


8. Meeting Art acts as mere Agent of the Sellers and cannot be considered liable for the description of the lots in the catalogues, brochures and other publications. Statements in the catalogue, condition reports or any other indication or illustration regarding the lots, are purely statements of opinion and cannot be accounted as statements of warranty. Before every auction, an exhibition of the lots takes place in order to allow an in-depth evaluation of the authenticity, the state of preservation, the provenance and the type and quality of any lot. After the Sale, neither Meeting Art nor the Sellers will be liable for any defects concerning the state of preservation, the correctness of statements about attribution, authenticity, provenance, weight or quality of any item. Neither Meeting Art nor its staff has the authority to make or give any representation or warranty , except for cases provided by law.


9. The estimates and the starting biddings regarding the possible Sale price of each lot are printed under the description of every lot in the catalogue and are not Buyer's premium inclusive. Estimates and starting bids are prepared well in advance so they can be subject to revision. The description of the lots in the catalogue could be subject to revision, as well. In that case an appropriate communications to the public will be made during the auction.


10. Meeting Art is entitled to require from the Buyer immediate payment in full and in Euro of the Hammer Price plus the Buyer’s Premium. The payment must be made within seven days from the purchase. Instructions for payment and collection of purchased lots can be found in the catalogue or in the website. If the Buyer fails to pay the amount due Meeting Art, reserving the right to further damages, shall be entitled to:
a) enforce the contractual purchase obligation
b) arrange a resale of the Lot, through private treaty or during the following auction, keeping as a penalty any amount already paid by the Buyer. Meeting Art shall retain items sold at risk and Buyer’s own expense until the selling of the lot or until the restitution to the Seller, if required.
In any case, until the sale date , The Buyer will have to pay a penalty equal to the interest, calculated on the Hammer price plus the Buyer's premium, according to the interbank rate in force increased of two points: the interest so calculated shall be applied on the amount from the eighth day following the Sale.


11. The Buyer, after the payment of the Hammer price and the Buyer's premium, has to collect the lots at his own risk and cost within the days specified in the paragraph “Buying at Meeting Art”. After this time, Meeting Art shall not be held liable by the Buyer for the custody or for any possible deterioration of the items. Moreover, Meeting Art will have the right to transfer lots which have not been collected at the risk and buyer’s own expense to its offices or warehouse.
The common cost of packaging is Euro 25,00, but it could change depending on the volume and the size of the lot.


12. Despite any contrary provisions in these “Conditions of Sale”, Meeting Art reserves the right to agree with the Sellers special conditions of payment, to arrange for warehousing, to decide for the insurance of the object sold, to sell privately the lots sold uncollected, to settle any disputes made by or against the Buyers and, in general to take any action deemed appropriate for the collection of the amounts due by the Buyer and, if necessary, to cancel the Sale and return the price to the Buyer in accordance with articles 13 and 14 below.


13. The Buyer must comply with all the applicable legislative and regulatory provisions concerning the objects which are declared to have a significant and particular interest or for which the process of declaration started pursuant to Articles 6 and ff. of Legislative Decree No.490 October 29, 1999, and more specifically pursuant to Articles 54 and ff. of the same Decree. All exports of lots from Buyer resident or not resident in Italy are governed by the above mentioned laws, and are also subject to customs, currency and tax- regulations in force. The Export licence costs approximately Euro 220+insurance+ VAT. The request of this licence has to be presented to the Italian Ministry of Cultural Activities and Heritage only on payment of the lot and prior a written request from the Buyer. It can take up to 45 days to process from the date of presentation. Meeting Art shall not be held liable for any restrictions on export of the sold lots or for any licences or permits that the Buyer must obtain under Italian law. In the event that the Italian State exercises the right of preemption, the Buyer shall not be entitled to receive any refund of the interest on the sale price and on the premium already paid to Meeting Art or to the Seller.


14. Lots are sold together with the authentication issued by the credit expert at the moment of sale. Meeting Art declines any responsibility in case of a change of the credited expert appointed to issue the authentications of the various lots. If within 21 days from the sale date, the Buyer has notified Meeting Art writing that he/she has a good reason to believe that the lot concerned is a forgery and Meeting Art accepts this objection, Meeting Art shall be entitled, at its sole discretion, to cancel the Sale and disclose to the Buyer the name of the Seller, giving prior notice to him/her.


15. All the information concerning the marking of metals, the carats and weight of gold, diamonds and colored precious stones, are approximate and mere statements of opinion and can not be relied as a statements of warranty. Meeting Art shall not be held liable for any errors included in this information or for cases of forgery. The weight of the stones, considered individually once removed from the setting, is the approximate weight and not the “exact” weight. Meeting Art does not guarantee the certificates attached to precious objects made by gemmological laboratories, if any. However, reference to them can be made for information purposes.


16. In addition to all our rights and obligations under this agreement, if Meeting Art becames acquainted with a claim from a third party that has a right of to property, possession or control of the Lots, shall be entitled to retain possession of the Lots until the dispute is resolved.


17. These “Conditions of Sale” are automatically accepted by the sale participants and are available to any person requesting them. Any dispute shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Vercelli Court.


For further informations:
Casa delle Aste Meeting Art S.p.A.
Corso Adda, 7-11
13100 Vercelli (VC) Italy
Fax (+39).0161/229327

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